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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Boarding Your Pets

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Boarding Your Pets

The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa
7 Things You Didn’t Know about Boarding Your Pets


Making Pet Boarding Great Again

Have you ever thought about boarding your pet, but the horror stories make you hesitant? Amber Murphy, owner and operator of The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa, has a passion for educating people and eliminating assumptions about the boarding industry. 

Amber has crafted her facility to be a safe, fun and comfortable experience for pets. When choosing The Barkly, you can be confident that your pet is given professional attention by a team of pet experts. As Amber continues to educate people about pet boarding, here are some common topics she addresses with her customers:

2. Every Pet is Different

Just like humans, every pet has a different personality and preferences. Some pets can’t handle being in a new environment, and no matter how well they are treated at the boarding facility, they just won’t enjoy it. However, most pets actually benefit from getting out of their comfort zone.

“When you walk pets in your yard they’re experiencing the same grass, the same animals, the same people. There’s not a lot of stimuli.” Amber states. If you’re not sure how your pet will do, schedule a trial run with a boarding facility while you’re still at home, in case anything happens. 

3. Boarding VS. Pet Sitting

Thinking about hiring a pet sitter? Before you do, consider the pros and cons of both. While hiring a pet sitter is convenient, there is no accountability. The sitter could tell you that everything went fine, but you wouldn’t know for sure. The sitter could also get sick while you’re away. When you choose boarding, there are multiple people caring for one pet, giving plenty of accountability. 

At The Barkly, Amber doesn’t just hire anyone onto her staff. She looks for people who love animals and have good “animal sense.” Amber explains, “It’s important to for the pets to be handled by people who are confident with many different types of dogs and personalities.” 

4. Is Your Pet Going to get Sick?

In order to board your pets at The Barkly, they are required to get 3 vaccinations: Bordetella, DHLP-PV, and Rabies. This way the facility remains safe as different animals come through. However, sickness is always a threat no matter where your pet is, and being around a large variety of animals does slightly increase this chance.

With that being said, Amber and her team are dedicated to the health of your pet, and if they see signs of sickness, the team will take the animal to the vet for you. Always be sure to share everything about your pet, including medications, health issues, and habits with the boarding facility. For example, if your dog often coughs in a strange way but it’s nothing serious, the team at The Barkly might mistake that for sickness and take your dog to the vet. Do not hesitate to report to the facility if you feel your pet is sick. Boarding facilities appreciate letting them know so they may clean and take the proper steps to avoid any others from becoming sick.

5. Pet Rooms and Facilities 

Another frequently asked question is, “How big are the kennels?” The pet rooms at The Barkly are actually quite spacious. This gives your pet plenty of space for food, water and their beds. “A bigger space can allow your pet to feel more comfortable in a boarding setting.” Amber explains.

The room sizes at The Barkly are 4×4 for small dogs and 4×7 for large dogs. If you aren’t sure which size is best for your dog, map it out on your floor and see how your dog fits into that space. There are many other sizes and options for dogs and cats listed on The Barkly website. If you have several animals that enjoy sharing the same space, you can board them together at a discounted rate. In addition to spacious rooms, the facility is well equipped with air conditioning and heating systems. 

6. What will Your Pets Do While Boarding?

Each guest at The Barkly is taken out for a minimum of 3 walks per day, and will be checked on frequently. If your animal needs some extra playtime, there are several add-on services such as: 

  • Group or Individual Play 
  • Splash Camps
  • Playing fetch
  • The Barkly treat of the day
  • Extra walks 

With a large grass yard and beach front pool to splash in, your animals will have plenty of opportunities to play!

7. Tell us Everything

Does your pet have a unique temperament? Do they often dig holes or jump fences to escape your yard? Have they recently been neutered? 

Even down to the portion sizes of food, it’s important for the team to know every detail about your pet. The better they can accommodate your pet’s needs to ensure they stay happy, healthy, and safe.

The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa

As one of Montgomery’s top-rated pet boarding facilities, The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa offers more than just boarding but a fun and unique experience for your animals while you’re away. In addition to boarding, the company also provides:

  • Splash Camps
  • Pet Daycare 
  • Pet Grooming 
  • Dog Training 

Give your pet a personalized retreat and keep your peace of mind as the experienced team cares for and loves your pets. If you’d like to learn more about The Barkly Pet Retreat & Spa, visit their website at www.thebarkly.com or give them a call at 936-447-2275. 

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