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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Welcome the 17th Annual Montgomery County Madrigal Dinner! Written By: Velvet McWhirter

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Looking for something to kick off the season and put you in the holiday mood? The Montgomery High School Madrigal Dinner is your answer!  This local and nationally acclaimed choir has been performing this tradition for 17 years under the direction of Mrs. Heather Orr and may be one of Montgomery County’s best kept secrets.  

The Montgomery Madrigal choir has a long tradition of accolades with their most recent accomplishments being Best in Class at the Kemah Choir Days, 1st place at the Celebration of Excellence Competition, being invited to perform with the Grammy award winning Houston Chamber choir, and singing at National ACDA and divisional SWACDA Conferences. 

Their hormones will impress as their showmanship entertains you during the medieval-themed event.  Many traditional holiday songs are performed in addition to new festive ones, and the jesters are sure to make you laugh with their wit and charm – all joyous, Christmas fun!  

Dinner begins with each choir pair being introduced to the kingdom (which includes you!) culminating in the arrival of the coveted position of King and Queen.  You will undoubtedly feel welcomed and an important part of the Kingdom when the court serves the traditional turkey leg dinner, drink, and dessert, but the costumes and performances by the astounding choir will be the real treat of the night. The event is festive, fun, well done, and great entertainment worthy of becoming an annual tradition for your family.  Attire is Sunday Best.  

Location is Montgomery High School Cafeteria, 22825 Highway 105 West, Montgomery, TX  

Get your tickets at Montgomerychoir.ludus.com

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