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Familia Americana: The Miracle of Life

Familia Americana: The Miracle of Life

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Every end brings a new beginning and the first day of the new year is an opportunity for reflection and renewal, for a chance to live our best life.

The Miracle of Life

Human beings have the capacity for greatness and advancing the world in ways that will benefit mankind. We invented the printing press, mastered flight, and cured many diseases, among other accomplishments. We also possess the intelligence and prowess to undermine the greatness we are capable of, including the value of life itself. 

The probability of our existence in the universe is nothing short of miraculous and divine. The time before time began, time “zero”, cannot be measured or known. We only know that that nothingness developed into something. 

The Universe’s formation required such perfection and preciseness as to generate a forceful energy that created space, expanded at the perfect speed, led to gravity, and produced elements and gases that inflated into the galaxies and planets that we have today. Billions of years of perfect conditions that allowed life to emerge. 

Our species, Homo sapiens, overcame the threat of extinction that befell other early humans including the Neanderthals. We evolved and survived, propagated against all odds and delivered the perfect environment in a mother’s womb (nutrition, time, and placenta) to carry a pregnancy to term. We progressed in spite of astounding odds.  

Human beings have the power of foresight and the capacity to distinguish between good and evil. We understand the fragility of life and the repercussions of extinguishing a life, yet still choose to terminate the miracle that we are. 

Life has value, importance. Life has worth, usefulness, greatness. When life is ended, that miracle will never again be, for all eternity. 

Mankind has become more adept and apt at playing God. We determine who gets to live or die as well as when life loses its meaning or worth. We provide opportunities for a living being, waiting to be born, to be discarded while also pretending to value life by seeking to expand our human abilities. 

Currently, countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and others offer legalized euthanasia to their citizens, setting the precedent for a more expansive and dangerous application of the practice.

In February of 2022, two sisters from Arizona flew to Basel, Switzerland and walked into Pegasos suicide clinic to end their lives. They consulted a doctor before their death, were deemed 100% well, and proceeded to end their lives because they were tired of living. Free will is just that, but how far will our species go to provide ways to kill itself and undermine human existence? 

Whether the practice is pursued for profit, as a means of compassion, or for mere population control, the mediums for terminating life are becoming more accessible and acceptable. In the same breath that we offer ways to destroy life, we duplicitously seek to perfect and preserve it. 

Modern medicine is exploring ways to transform our species into superhuman beings. With the assistance of technology, mankind will soon orchestrate its own evolution. 

It is no secret that human beings wish for perfection, an expanded lifespan, better health and mental acuity. To achieve a more perfect species, science has tampered in genetic engineering, use of nanotechnology, use of animal parts or organs, bionics, artificial intelligence, and more. The movement to enhance and transform the human condition is called transhumanism. And we are just at the early phases of this new evolution.

Technology companies like Humai, based in Los Angeles, claim that within 30 years, they will reinvent the afterlife. They will provide the continuation of consciousness after we die by transferring that consciousness into an artificial body or machine. Eternal life.

We are playing God…but to what end and at what cost? What then, becomes of our soul? 

January is Respect for Life month. It is pro-life month. The Pro-Life movement extends beyond the defense of the unborn. It is an opportunity to engage in the preservation of humanity, which starts at conception. The world changes, society and views evolve, but the respect and dignity of all human life must not be lost on us. 

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time, said “This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” 

That something came from nothingness is transcendent from God. He is the cause to our effect, the time before time, and the reason for our phenomenon. 

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