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Rescues & Shelters are Overcrowded… How can you help?

Rescues & Shelters are Overcrowded… How can you help?

Rescues & Shelters are Overcrowded… How can you help?

Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas (ASVT) has more than 100 animals in our foster program and it is a revolving door – we take them in – give medical care – spay and neuter and find them homes – take in more & repeat. Every animal has a story and how it came to us.

ASVT takes in unwanted, discarded, community animals to lighten the load on shelters and we place them in temporary ASVT foster homes until adopted. Unfortunately we can’t take them all. Unwanted animals are at an all-time high and the local shelters are bursting at the seams and there is no sign of slowdown in sight.

We thank Dock Line Magazine for allowing us to share information on what is happening right under our noses here in our Community. This is not meant to sadden the public but to share awareness of the issues and the options for helping improve the situation.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter (MCAS), located on Hwy 242 houses hundreds of animals, plus has hundreds in foster care! Can you visualize what that must be like? They arrive unwanted, some starving, sick and neglected. Quite often you will see MCAS personnel going beyond their regular work hours and volunteering extra hours to help the animals in need.

ASVT, other rescues and MCAS are working together to re-home shelter animals and increase SPAY AND NEUTER in our community!

LOW COST SPAY AND NEUTER AVAILABLE! There should be no excuse in the world to not have animals spayed and neutered when it is there for the taking! Please spread the word on spay and neuter!

Low cost spay/neuter clinic in Montgomery County is Texas Litter Control. They have three (3) convenient locations. Check their website for more information www.texaslittercontrol.org.

Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas is a foster based rescue organization. We depend on foster parents to help us improve the quality of lives for animals in our community. ASVT has been active in rescuing homeless and abandoned pets since 2010.

I personally became involved with fostering for ASVT about 9 years ago. I was asked if I would like to foster an injured Chihuahua named Soldier that was having his leg amputated. My first thought was how can I ever love a dog and then let him go. Everyone assured me I could do it, so I went with it. Well, I was right. When it came time for his first meet and greet I was in tears. Soldier was my first “foster fail”. But, I did try again and it didn’t become easier to let them go, but I realized I was saving a life and making sure my fosters were placed in a safe and loving home. After more than 260 fosters, many tears of joy, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

WHAT IS A PET FOSTER HOME? Being a pet foster parent, you provide a temporary home for a pet on the way to adoption. The number of pets that ASVT can save depends on the number of fosters who open their homes and hearts to foster them.

WHY DO ANIMALS NEED FOSTER CARE? Fostering saves two animals lives when shelters are full. The one you foster and the one that can now use the kennel freed at the shelter.

Whatever the reason, these pets need extra love and care before they can be adopted. Providing foster care can be a lifesaving gift for a homeless pet.

ASVT does transports to northern states that have a need for adoptable dogs. These pets need to be in a foster home for at least two weeks prior to the transport. Temporary fosters are needed for this time before the transport leaves.

Fosters find their forever homes by ASVT networking on numerous pet finder websites, on our website, Facebook page and adoption events. This gives people looking to adopt a rescue pet a wide venue to look for their dream pet.


If you would like to help the homeless pets of our community and become an ASVT foster, just visit our website and submit a foster application. We would love for you to foster volunteer, adopt or donate. www.ASVTexas.org

Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas (ASVT) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. We are dedicated to helping abandoned, abused and neglected animals. NO ONE IS PAID and we appreciate the Donations, Fosters and Volunteers to help us continue.

You can visit our website to sign up to volunteer and/or foster and donate using our DONATE button. Donations help us pay for medical expenses, food, supplies and transporting animals to areas with high adoption needs.

ASVT also sponsors a Spay/Neuter Program for community animals whose owners cannot afford to have their pets altered. This helps decrease the rise of community puppies and kittens that will end up in the shelters.

The accomplishments of ASVT would not be possible without partners like Ransom’s Steakhouse, Bruce and Toni Sellers, Animal Hospital of Montgomery, Dock Line Magazine and so many more.


In the high temperatures we are experiencing in Texas this summer it is important to make sure your dogs are safe from heatstroke.


• Heavy panting and difficulty breathing

• Excessively drooling

• The dog appears lethargic, drowsy or uncoordinated

• Collapsed or vomiting

Dogs suffering from heatstroke can have elevated breathing rates, dry or sticky gums, abnormal gum color, bruising in the gums, may appear lethargic or disoriented, and can have seizures.


• Stop them exercising, move them out of the heat and into the shade

• Call a vet for advice

• Lay them down on a cool floor

• Offer them small amounts of water to drink

• Carefully pour water over the dog’s body, or sponge them if water is limited

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