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Smoke and Mirrors: Suspending the 2A

Smoke and Mirrors: Suspending the 2A

Familia Americana: Smoke and Mirrors: Suspending the 2A

In September of this year, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued a Public Health Emergency Order imposing temporary firearms restrictions (of at least 30 days) for the citizens in Bernalillo County, which includes Albuquerque. The order prohibits citizens from ‘open and conceal carry’ of any firearms, and those who violate the rule would face a civil fine of up to $5,000.

The “public health emergency” is the high volume of gun crime in Albuquerque. Governor Grisham stated that “no constitutional right…is intended to be absolute” before ordering a temporary suspension of the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

Albuquerque’s murder rate has risen 70% since Grisham has been governor. Instead of adding more law enforcement resources to her state, Grisham blames guns and goes after gun owners. Her response, however, will not make her citizens safer. An increase in law enforcement will. As we know well, criminals do not abide by the law and there is more than one way to obtain weapons illegally. Grisham is punishing her citizens by suspending their constitutional rights.

Fortunately for the citizens of Albuquerque, the chief of police, the sheriff of Bernalillo County, and the attorney general of the State of New Mexico (a Democrat), all announced they would not enforce the obviously unconstitutional ban. In fact, the National Association for Gun Rights sought an injunction and a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was granted by U.S. District Court Judge David Urius, a Biden-appointee.

To further the point, liberal radio outlet National Public Radio published an article in 2017 on the effects of gun control measures and came to the conclusion that “criminals go to whatever lengths necessary to get their hands on guns, regardless of whatever laws are in place.” So why punish the law-abiding citizen knowing full well that criminals don’t abide by gun laws?

Governor Grisham knew this attempt of hers would fail and be stopped by the courts. This exercise wasn’t about gun control (even though it is a liberal’s dream to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.) So why go through this exercise to begin with?

This was a trial balloon with a double purpose. First, to measure the public’s response. How much pushback would there be to the emergency order? How quickly would citizens react and what level(s) of government (local, state, federal) would join the efforts to defend the Constitution?

Second, to see how far along this exercise would get. The courts intervened but Governor Grisham gave Democrats a taste of a state-led attempt to suspend a federal amendment. And not just any amendment, the 2nd Amendment. Arguably, the very amendment that allows the 1st Amendment to stand and keeps the government on good behavior.

Grisham learned a few things: the anticipated pushback to her emergency order included members of her own party (Democrats broke ranks and were not in lockstep); people are willing to stand up for the Constitution; the judicial system is still a respected and powerful institution, able to stop unconstitutional advances and expecting compliance; and, to guarantee future success, the existing judicial system must be changed and redesigned in the Democrats’ favor (ideologically, further left-leaning Democrats must be appointed to the courts.)

The United States Constitution is the longest-standing, single-governing document in the world today. It was founded on the concept that the government exists to serve the people by protecting their rights, not to rule them.

Unlike in Latin America, where constitutions are often and easily amended and at times scrapped altogether, the U.S. Constitution was written to keep the government from intruding on the rights of its citizens. And it has been doing so for 247 years.

There is a growing socialist wave in our country and in their quest for revolutionary change and suspension of the Constitution, Democrats will go to great lengths to pull stunts like these. This exercise by Governor Grisham to suspend the 2nd Amendment was smoke and mirrors. In reality, this was a white paper on the response to an unconstitutional order, with lessons learned, and a strategy for future success. Americans, what are we made of? Our prevision and preparation for future attempts to undermine the Constitution will determine whether we’re worthy of the republic we hold. Let’s be worthy.

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