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Family Life Medical: A Family Practice that Puts You First

Family Life Medical: A Family Practice that Puts You First

“Sometimes there is an impression that doctors won’t or can’t make patient care their top priority,” said Dr. Scarborough. “We want to make patients feel like they are really being taken care of.”

Family Life Medical: A Family Practice that Puts You First

Dr. Kyle Scarborough is celebrating thirty years of service in Family Practice to our community. In 2014, after spending much of his career in Sadler Clinic and hospital practice, he decided to take a risk and start his own independent clinic. He felt that he could provide more personalized service to patients without the constraints of larger enterprises.

“Sometimes there is an impression that doctors won’t or can’t make patient care their top priority,” said Dr. Scarborough. “We want to make patients feel like they are really being taken care of.”

Expanding Patient Access with a Quality Team

This patient-first culture at Family Life Medical has been a success. The community of Montgomery County has supported the clinic and it has grown beyond Dr. Scarborough’s expectations. “I was nervous when our clinic grew from three exam rooms to a full service clinic with sixteen exam rooms and six health providers,” he explained. ”But it has been a story of service and success.”

Montgomery County has grown rapidly over the years. As the population increased, the clinic was faced with two options: close the practice to new patients, or add the right personnel to maintain accessibility.

Dr. Thomas Seymour joined the practice in 2022. He is a Board Certified Family Physician who trained at Lone Star Family Practice Program in Conroe. From the start he fit in well with the culture that Family Life Medical has created. He has enjoyed the experience. “It’s a big risk to join an independent clinic because you don’t really know what it will be like to actually work there,” said Dr. Seymour. “Dr. Scarborough has this way of relating well to patients while addressing their health issues. You can’t train doctors to do that.”

Dr. Scarborough added that he knew Dr. Seymour had that quality when he spent some residency time with them. “We get along well together, and have a similar attitude toward patient care.”

The newest addition to the staff is Codi Leggett, FNP-C. She is a Nurse Practitioner with years of experience in Family Practice. “She brings a lot of knowledge and a wonderful attitude to the practice,” said Dr. Scarborough. “She is a welcome addition to the team.”

Some familiar faces at Family Life Medical include Lindsay Smith, PA-C, who has been with the practice for over twenty years, and continues to provide quality care to a loyal following. Mary Ostrowski, FNP-C once taught Family Practice to Nurse Practitioner students, and has brought  her wealth of knowledge to the clinic for two years. Suzanne Kabzinski, PA-C, has been practicing in the community with internal medicine specialists, and is now providing that same great care here at Family Life Medical.

Preventative Care and Excellent Specialist Networks

Many people are reluctant to see a doctor, putting it off as long as they can. However, Dr. Scarborough and his team are passionate about catching problems early on, with quality preventative care. With timely lab work, personalized screening measures, and an evaluation of family history, significant issues can be addressed and prevented early on. “The success rate for curing cancer and heart disease is often five or ten times greater if you catch them early and deal with them,” said Dr. Scarborough. “That also means less doctor visits in the long run,” he added with a grin.

Family Life Medical provides a full range of medical services, from routine checkups and preventative care (physicals, vaccines, and screenings) to intensive management for ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol issues, and weight management. Doctors Scarborough and Seymour also provide a wide range of dermatology care, including biopsies and cancer excisions when appropriate. The Family Life Medical team also provides individualized hormone replacement services, including hormone pellet therapy. “It has been a game changer for many men and women seeking to improve their sense of well being,” observed Dr. Scarborough.

While the Family Life Medical team treats a wide variety of illnesses and diseases, they also acknowledge that specialist care is often appropriate. Being an independently owned practice, they are free to refer patients to any specialist in the area. They are not confined to sending patients to another doctor just because they are affiliated with the business. “I keep notes on all the specialists, based on service and patient feedback,” said Dr. Seymour. “I’m slowly building out this information, so I know who would be a good fit for each patient.” All the providers at Family Life Medical say they try to recommend their patients to the best specialists they know.

Setting the Standard for Quality Care

Dealing with poor customer service, rushed appointments, and  insurance details can make a doctor’s visit very frustrating. Dr. Scarborough knows the satisfaction of his patients often depends on multiple interactions with the staff before they get to him. From beginning to end, Family Life Medical works to make each part of the patient experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. They endeavor to hire the best staff possible and support them in every way.

A recent customer who expressed his appreciation for Family Life Medical’s quality care said:

“The waiting room is spacious and comfortable. The front desk staff were friendly and seemed happy to be there. The check in questions were done on a tablet instead of a pile of papers on a clipboard. The nurse who took me in was pleasant and knowledgeable. My appointment was with Dr. Seymour. I found him to be a very good listener and felt he genuinely cared about my health. My appointment was not rushed. I was not treated like a number and specialist referrals were made promptly.” – Todd

Dr. Scarborough writes a weekly article for the Conroe Courier called “What’s Going Around” found in the health section on Wednesdays. His articles give health and medical advice and educate the public on a variety of timely topics. With the winter season coming up, he says it’s time to start taking precautions against the flu. Since the flu season typically reaches a high point in January, Dr. Scarborough says it’s best to get a vaccination now, to be well protected by the time it hits our area.

Become Part of the Family

Moving forward, Dr. Scarborough and his team want to continue the Family Life Medical legacy of being there for their patients. “We really do care about our patients and their health. It is our reason for being here. It is our mission,” Dr. Scarborough said. This culture has set the bar for quality care in the Montgomery County area.

Learn more about all of the medical care providers of Family Life Medical, their staff and clinic, by visiting their website at FamilyLifeMedical.com or their Facebook site “Family Life Medical”. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 936-760-9900.

New Clinic Location:
603 South Conroe Medical Drive
Suite 110
Conroe, Texas 77304

Hours of Operation:
8AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday 

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