Fishing Adventures with Derek Pietsch

9-6-18 The Blacktip Sharks

Today Trey and I went fishing after school. Trey has the bait bucket and we are on the second sandbar on the beach. Trey and I both hooked about 10-12 sharks that were 2-3 feet long. We pulled them up to the bank and they broke the line. The sharks started following Trey because he had the bait. They could smell it and they wanted it. It scared us and we kept running away. These sharks are shady. They whip their heads back and forth trying to bite me. I let them all go back into the ocean.

We caught 30 speckled trout and I caught my biggest speckled trout ever. It was 25 ½ inches. We also caught 3 Red Fish, Lady fish and Spanish mackerel. We caught a lot of fish but let them go. It would have been an impressive stringer but there was no way we were going to put them on a stringer while we were wading because all that would do was attract more hungry sharks. We could see them a few sandbars up jumping in the air. It was a feeding frenzy as we watched them leap in the air devouring mullets. They must have been 4-5 feet long.

9-8-18 Catching the Big Reds

It is the Saturday evening and Trey and I decided to go out to catch some mullet. We caught a lot but not the big ones we need for the fish we want to catch. The bigger the bait the bigger the fish. We are out to catch the Big Redfish. We drove down the beach to 11-mile beach and decided the only way to catch these big fish is to go on a boat or a kayak. We do not have a boat and are on foot so the best thing we can do is find a way to get our bait out as far as possible. This is what we do to accomplish getting the BIG FISH.

We walk out to the 2nd sandbar, then we swim across a 7 feet deep gut, as we are swimming we hold our reels high in the air so they do not get wet with the bait which is a mullet fish head swinging in the breeze. Now I know that sounds pretty crazy but this is how you do it. When you get to the other side of the gut where you can touch the ground you are on the 3rd sandbar. You cast out and let the line out as you swim back across the gut and then walk across the sandbars back to the beach. We now have our line approximately 150 feet out into the water. It is the perfect spot to catch the sharks and the big redfish. Trey caught a monster that was 46 inches long and weighed approximately 50 pounds on Saturday night and on Sunday I caught 3 really good ones. One of mine was 39 inches. I didn’t measure the others. All I know is they were BIG. Mine weighed approximately 35-45 pounds each. That was a fun day. I also landed a shark.


I went fishing this morning before my biology field trip at Texas A & M. We are going on the boat to gather water samples, boy do I wish I could bring my rod and reel.

Before I had to leave to go back to school I caught a 42-inch Red. I came back after school in the evening and Trey came with. He loves this even more than me. He caught a slightly bigger fish, a 43-inch Red. Trey had one more on the line but he lost it.

I swam out to the 3rd sandbar with my mullet head dangling off the line. I am trying to hold it above the water as I swim out. Being tall and having long sticks for arms as my great grandma would say has an advantage when you are swimming and trying to hold the reel above the water. Of course, the waves are splashing but you have to be determined and be a strong swimmer to get there. It’s a long way out there. I think that all those years in swim team paid off. I swam for many years and learned my strokes well. I think deep inside my mom knew that I could not stay off the water and she was right. If I see water I know there is a fish in there to be found and that feeds my passion. FINDING THE FISH! Finally, I arrived and cast my giant mullet over into the 4th gut. This is where the big FISH are. Not many people are crazy enough to swim out 150 FEET to cast a line. If you want to catch GIANT FISH and you do not have a boat this is how you do it. I cast my line out between the 3rd and 4th sandbar and it drops into the gut. Then I swim back to the beach still holding my rod up in the air. This is a workout but well worth the reward. I am patiently waiting and my rod starts moving and bending down. Time to grab it and start cranking. Let’s bring this fish in. I know I have a BULL RED on by the way they move. They make a big run then the line goes slack. I know I have a giant on the line because this one is now jerking the rod hard. Oh no, it just broke the line. These fish are smart. That is why they are so big, they know how to break lose.

Later that evening after I was done with school for the day, Trey and I went out again and we each caught one big BULL RED and we caught 3 small sharks. I had a monster, probably a shark on the line and he was so heavy when I was reeling him in, his tail hit the line and it broke and he escaped.

9-20-18 What Took all My Line?

I was out catching herring in my seining net and my friend Michael was on the beach. I was busy and did not see that he was telling me to come in. My pole was bending so he grabbed it out of the holder and the line started ripping. I love it when it does that because that means something huge is about to happen. Whatever it was it took every single inch of line out and Michael was screaming he was so excited. It got down to the knot tied onto the reel, then it went SNAP, in just in a matter of seconds it was gone out to sea. That is a powerful fish. He took it broke it off and swam away. WOW, that just proves there are some giants in the ocean.

10-11-18 Fishing off the A&M Pier

Trey, Ezra and I were hanging out fishing for red fish. The bull reds are here and we enjoy catching them. I baited my hook with a sand trout that I caught for bait hoping to catch something big. Sand trout work very well to catch red fish. I cast my line out and within ten seconds of the sand trout hitting the water my line started getting thumped. I set the hook and my rod was bending in my hands. The fish ran the line out 150 yards. I reeled him in and managed to get him 50 yards from the dock which was difficult because he was fighting so hard and he was not small, this was a monster, at least 100 pounds they way he was pulling the line. He turned his head and ran 200 yards in 30 seconds. The fish jumped and he started tail walking. At this point I knew what I had on the line was not a red fish, it was an incredible fish I have always wanted to catch. It was a TARPON. It was so BIG and heavy. It was a dream come true to have a fish like this on the line. It did a total of 6 jumps 4 feet in the air and part of his tail was still in the water. That tells me he was 5-6 feet long. It was dark but I could see him as he tail walked on the water. It was AMAZING!!!

My reel was getting so hot that Trey had to pour water on it to cool it down. I could not touch the reel at all. I couldn’t even crank the handle because he ran all the line off the spool and he never stopped taking the line out. The fish was like a fierce beast! I sure wanted to try my best to bring the fish in, but I knew that was impossible. He was so big and powerful, jumping and ripping line there was no way I could reel him in. I needed to be in a boat and chase him down and wear him out, but I was on a dock and I had no more line left on my reel. There was nothing else I could do. I was fixing to lose all my line and still lose the fish so I just snapped him off in order to save the line. It was so much fun while it lasted. That could have been the catch of a lifetime!

10-12-17 It Felt Like a Ton of Bricks

I was fishing on the dock with Trey and Ezra then Grant and Hailey walked up. They came to Galveston this weekend so they could come fish with me. I baited my line with a sand trout to catch some red fish once again and then I hooked up something that felt really big. It was so HEAVY and I had a hard time pulling it in. Grant wanted to feel what my line felt like so I handed him my reel. He tried to reel and he said, “It felt like a ton of bricks”. This fish was not budging, he was digging into the mud. I finally got it out and reeled it in and it came up snapping his jaws. It was an EEL. Ezra helped hold it while I removed the hook. We thought it was dead and when we pulled out the hook it came alive thrashing his head side to side and was trying to bite us. He bit at Ezra’s shoe. The eel was about 4 feet long and we returned him back into the water. Grant also caught a giant red fish that night.

10-13-18 Catching the Red Fish

Tonight Trey, Grant, Hailey and I were fishing for reds. I caught one and it was huge. I wanted Hailey to get the chance to see what it was like, so the next fish that was on my line I let her reel it in. It was super exciting for her to catch something that big. She loves to fish and I wanted her to enjoy the fun. She kept cranking and cranking but she landed her fish. It was a great weekend catching some different types of fish. THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!!!