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Can You Do the “Tactical Frog”?

Can You Do the “Tactical Frog”?

What is the “Tactical Frog”?

It is a combination exercise that will strengthen the core (back, side and stomach muscles) and the buttock and hip rotators.

Which conditions does it help?

It is an excellent exercise for general core strengthening.  It is a very good exercise to treat hip bursitis, hip tendonitis, sciatica and lower back pain.

When should I avoid this exercise?

If you have had a hip replacement it should be avoided due to the internal rotation of the hip.  In addition, if you have severe arthritis of the spine, or recent back surgery (within 1 year) it is not recommended.

How do you do the “Tactical Frog”?

1- Lie on your stomach with your weight on your forearms and knees.  Make sure your knees are separated wide.

2- Lift your torso into the air into a front plank position.

3- With your knees bent rotate both legs to the left (this causes your left hip to internally rotate and your right hip to externally rotate).  You should notice your left hip will drop toward the floor, but keep your hips and torso raised from the floor.  

4- Slowly rotate the legs to the right until you reach the end of range of motion.  

5- Repeat for 10-15 times, or until you feel a cramping/fatigue sensation to the deep buttock/hip.    

Todd R. Custer, D.C., A.T.C. – Dr. Custer is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified athletic trainer.  He has been rehabilitating injured athletes at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels (Philadelphia Eagles Football Club) since 1994.

 Dr. Custer graduated from Texas Chiropractic College summa cum laude, and is currently treating patients at Better Care Chiropractic & Physical Therapy.  

Questions/comments or requests for future topics can be forwarded to [email protected].

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