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From Productivity to Finances: 7 Effective Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

From Productivity to Finances: 7 Effective Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Running a small business is no easy task after getting an initial idea off the ground. Constantly, business owners are attempting to refine practices for the most profits and the most ease for employees. That’s why small businesses are turning to software and online programs to help manage everyday tasks. But did you know that you can also manage your business with the help of mobile apps? We’ve compiled a list of mobile apps downloadable for iOS and Android to help business owners oversee everything from e-commerce to project management. The best news: most of these apps offer free services. Here are seven of the most effective mobile apps for small businesses:

  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • Zoom
  • Monday.com
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Square
  • MailChimp

Google Drive

Sharing documents is made easy using Google Drive. The app is a cloud service that stores files created or uploaded by those with Google accounts. Additionally, Google Drive accesses documents made using Google apps like Docs and Sheets from your iOS or Android device. When these files are organized into shared folders, it allows for those who have access to edit and write comments for others to see. 

Google Drive is praised for making sharing, organizing, and syncing documents effortless from desktops to smartphones. Above all, the service is free for the first 15 GB used and can be purchased for up to 30 TB of storage. If increased collaboration and data storage are priorities for your small business, having Google Drive is a must. 


Evernote is a productivity app designed to organize notes, lists, photos, and more! Users also like the app’s ability to share and edit collected “notebooks” of information with colleagues. Unlike physical journals, notebooks can include links, audio, and video recordings, and scanned documents from your smartphone’s camera. 

Evernote offers a free basic program, personal and professional plans with monthly/annual fees, and a business plan called Evernote Teams for $14.99 per user per month. Other exclusive Evernote Teams features include delegating tasks to other users, shared business notebooks, and Spaces that promote collaboration and share pinned or recent notes. In conclusion, Evernote makes project management, taking notes, and setting daily reminders easy for small businesses and personal use. 


As you may have noticed, some apps for small businesses can also greatly benefit the everyday consumer, and Zoom is no exception. In a socially distanced pandemic, local organizations, schools, and businesses used Zoom to bring people together. Zoom’s features include HD video calls, live screen-sharing, break-out rooms, and chat engagement for hundreds of participants. 

The app offers three pricing plans designed for organizations of varying sizes. Zoom Business offers features such as an admin dashboard, unlimited length meetings for 300 participants, a single sign-on (SSO), and speech-to-text transcriptions of recorded meetings for $199.90 per license per year. Hosting webinars through Zoom for your small business is a separate service you can find more about here


Monday.com offers small businesses a unique format for managing employee and team progress. Basically, workers are able to log tasks as they are completed in highly customized, interactive interfaces. If creating systems to organize work tasks and relevant information seems too strenuous, Monday.com has templates designed with specific industries in mind. Using a template or working from scratch managers are able to include extra information such as deadlines, replies, and priority ratings. Lastly, the website and app have even been configured as a CRM to organize clients and client-specific projects. While Monday.com does not offer any free plans, it’s still a valuable resource for small businesses. 

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the most powerful and widely used accounting apps for small businesses. Designed by Intuit, it is highly rated for making tracking business expenses simple and streamlined. Users are able to manage all of their business transactions by syncing their bank and PayPal accounts. QuickBooks Online can also organize payroll and tax information so businesses can turn focus to more important tasks. 

While some users are faced with a learning curve, it’s possible to add a trusted accountant with an email invite. Regardless of if you use an accountant, QuickBooks Online offers free video and webinar resources for new users. Finally, QuickBooks is priced based on the size of your business and offers a 50% discount for the first three months of the service used. For comprehensive accounting services, QuickBooks Online is the app for small businesses to download!


Square is considered by many the best of all point-of-sale (POS) apps for small businesses on a limited budget. The app and its linked hardware device have made accepting card payments from customers a breeze. Along with the free app, Square sends users a small card-reader meant for connecting to a mobile device. When customers use their cards, Square acts as the third-party payment processor to transfer funds to the appropriate institutions. While using the app, customers can pay, add tips, and sign for purchases all without an Internet connection. Small businesses enjoy Square for its minimal fees per transaction, lack of contracts and hidden fees, and its user-friendly interface. 


Effectively reaching out to loyal customers is made possible through email marketing. MailChimp is a trusted tool for creating and organizing email promotions with over 20 million users. Email marketing has a high return on investment (ROI) so it’s important to make meaningful investments to appeal to your target audience. MailChimp has your back with customizable email templates, unique automation features, and arranges key subscriber information. Integrating MailChimp with existing WordPress and Shopify websites can also increase online traffic. MailChimp offers a free plan for those with under 2,000 email subscribers that includes online branding tools and landing page templates. 

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