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8 Tips for Taking Quality Holiday Photos at Home

8 Tips for Taking Quality Holiday Photos at Home

8 Tips for Taking Quality Holiday Photos at Home

It’s the season for large family gatherings, outdoor fires, a spirit of giving, and the dreaded holiday photos. Unfortunately, taking holiday photos can often seem like too much of a chore for most people. Still, we have a few tips for you to try that can help make this process not only easier but more affordable and enjoyable.

Some people will spend upwards of $2,000 for a professional photo session just to capture those family memories each year. But, then, if you do decide to commit to using a photographer, you have to schedule your session, set a time and place, and then wait days or weeks to receive your edited photos back from them. Who has the energy for all of that?

Our tips will help you take expert-level holiday photos this season!

  1. Use a good quality Camera
  2. Use a tripod for better stability
  3. Choose a simple, clean background
  4. Avoid bright sunlight
  5. Choose matching patterns or colors
  6. Leave enough room for a frame or border
  7. Use decorations or props
  8. Edit your photos

Use a Good Quality Camera

Thankfully, we live in an age where a phone can be comparable in image quality to any high-end camera. If you have the latest iPhone or smart device, chances are you can take a quality photo in a snap. There’s no need to invest in a camera that could cost thousands of dollars when you have one in your back pocket. However, if you do want to up your game, there are numerous options for quality, affordable cameras that will turn you into a photography master in no time.

Use a Tripod for Better Stability

Your hands are going to shake. It’s just an inevitable part of being human. But your photos don’t have to suffer for it! Investing in a tripod for your phone or camera will give you the stability you need to take the quality holiday photos you want.

Choose a Simple, Clean Backdrop

Do you remember those awkward family photos that you took at the mall? You know, the images in front of the three various backdrops you could choose from? Well, the outfits in the pictures might be cringe-worthy nowadays, but there’s a reason those simple backgrounds were such a hit. They work well in photos! Using a clean, uncluttered background or backdrop is essential for a clean, quality image. So whether you’re outside or taking a family photo near the fireplace, try to aim for a simple, neat background that shows off the subjects well.

Avoid Bright Sunlight

Yes, a sunlit meadow with a dusting of snow on the ground sounds like an idyllic place to snap a holiday photo. However, sunlight can often wash out the image or cause shadows that can ruin a great shot. So if you want to capture that perfect outdoor photo, try choosing a time later in the day when the sun is not bright.

Choose Matching Patterns or Colors

From pajamas to sweaters, finding a fun pattern for the whole family to wear can make holiday photos pop. Try to stick to matching patterns or complementary colors to keep a common theme going. This is a great way to add some fun while keeping it cohesive!

Leave Room for a Frame or Border

It might be tempting to zoom in while photographing or crop a photo to eliminate dead space in the frame. However, remember that you will need to leave some room around the edges for a picture frame or holiday card border. Too often, people will forget about this step and are left disappointed when their printed cards come back with half of mom or dad’s head cropped out of the photo due to the candy cane border around the edges.

Use Decorations or Props

From giant ornaments to fake snow and wrapped presents, props and decorations are a fun way to add a little more spirit into your holiday photos. However, keep in mind that while a few can be fun, try not to overwhelm the shot with excessive decorations that distract from the main focus.

Edit Your Photos

Probably the most crucial tip, besides having a good quality camera, is to edit your photos. This step can take a good image and make it amazing! Don’t worry about investing time and energy into learning the latest version of Adobe Photoshop. There are numerous apps available that make professional-quality photo editing a breeze.

Enjoy the Process with Quality Holiday Photos at Home

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take beautiful holiday photos. Just start with the basics, and enjoy the process. This can be a fun, creative way to bring the family together or try out some ideas or new locations this season! Find more tips, ideas, and things to do for the holidays with the Dock Line.

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