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5 Simple Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Cake

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Cake

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Cake

If you want to save money on a wedding cake, we’ve got you covered! 

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. The average American wedding costs a little over $30,000. That is a considerable chunk of change. So it’s no wonder couples try to cut down costs wherever they can. 

But did you know you can significantly slash some prices when it comes to that traditionally all-important, make-or-break your budget wedding cake? It’s the much-anticipated show-stopper of the reception, one of the most highly-priced single items at a wedding, and an absolute necessity. 

Or is it…!? We can help you drastically save money on a wedding cake with a couple of simple tips and tricks. Or maybe even encourage you to consider cheaper alternatives to a wedding cake entirely (gasp!).

Here are some of our favorite tips to help you save money on a wedding cake! 

1. Choose buttercream

If a traditional and highly decorated wedding cake is a must-have, one huge money-saving tip is to have your baker use buttercream frosting instead of fondant. Fondant is smoother and easier to mold and decorate with, but it’s also more expensive. Buttercream frosting not only tastes better, but it is also just fine to decorate with. So you can still achieve that show-stopping cake look but at a less bank-account-stopping price. 

2. Simplify decorations

The next way to save money on a wedding cake is to simplify the decorations. While elaborate spun-sugar flowers, fondant sculptures, and drizzled chocolate masterpieces on your cake a-la Cake Wars would be nice, you’re going to have to shell out quite a lot of cash for these high-level decorations.

You can still have an elegant and beautiful cake with simpler decorations, such as fresh flowers, ribbons, and simpler icing techniques. Talk with your wedding cake baker about your best money-saving options.

3. Naked cake

Sometimes being simple and unexpected makes just as big of an impression as the most elaborate option. A new trend in wedding cakes (especially for outdoor weddings) is the “naked cake.” Have your baker layer up your cake in tiers, but instead of covering it all in buttercream or fondant as is traditional, have her leave the layers visible! When properly accented with fresh flowers and greenery, the cake will have a rustic yet elegant look and is sure to “wow” your guests. Also, you can save hundreds of dollars on your cake this way (*wink, wink!*). You might say this is sneaky, but we say it’s strategic!

4. Small cutting cake 

Our final suggestion for how to save money on a wedding cake is to keep your elaborate cake small and designate it as the “cutting cake.” If you want your cake to have a specific and expensive look, order a smaller version of it. This will be the cake you cut as a couple and get in all the pictures. Then you can have another option available to feed the rest of your guests. 

With an elaborate cutting cake, have your baker make a simpler sheet cake or two to serve your guests. This way, you get the cake you want without having to max out your budget by making it large enough for a hundred or more people.

5. Wedding cake alternatives

If you want to think out-of-the-box (and under-the-budget), consider coming up with some wedding cake alternatives! Think of trendy donut walls, cute and rustic mini-pies, elegant little macarons, or even a savory alternative of cheeses and fruit! These wedding cake alternatives can be served as fillers along with the smaller cutting cake discussed above. Or they can be used instead of a traditional wedding cake entirely! The options if you choose this route are fun, unexpected, and (most importantly) inexpensive!

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