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Familia Americana: Understanding Hispanic Values, American Values, is the Pathway to Saving America!

Familia Americana: Understanding Hispanic Values, American Values, is the Pathway to Saving America!

Familia Americana: Understanding Hispanic Values, American Values, is the Pathway to Saving America!

What an exciting time to be an American of Hispanic descent in the United States! 

For the first time in decades, Hispanics are fleeing the Democratic Party in large numbers and finding a home amongst Republicans, where our conservative values are best represented and in alignment with how we view ourselves, as Americans. 

To understand the shift in voter loyalty from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, we must look to some of the landmark accomplishments as well as disappointing shortcomings of each. Most Americans have a general understanding of the ideological differences between the two but not all Americans recognize what has shaped their political identity. God is in the details!

For many Hispanics, the Democratic Party is the party of the people. Programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act have left a lasting impression of the party’s support for the citizens. That the party embraces a socially liberal ideology that is in conflict with conservative values and carries these out through mixed market economic policies (socialism), is just now being noticed.  

Democrats grant the state a larger role in society to ensure that fairness (justice) and social welfare (equity) are achieved. But at what cost? What measures do citizen-stakeholders have, to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of these initiatives? Can these expanded powers ever be rescinded or programs cancelled? Not under a socialism. 

For the sake of the greater good, citizens must contend with expansionary measures that result in the disproportionate influence and oversight by government. They concede individual freedoms in order to sustain the provisions that then become indispensable; social welfare turns into a perceived entitlement, essentially justifying further intervention in order to meet these obligations. The implied social contract is subsidized by all participating members of society and regulated by the state. As history has shown repeatedly, the people remain beholden to the benevolence of the state. That is socialism.

In contrast, the Republican Party is viewed much less favorably. Hispanics, like most minority groups, have been led to believe Republicans are not inclusive, but represent racist, wealthy, white, Christian males (for the most part), whose purpose is to preserve their privilege and that of their corporate friends. 

It is of little importance that the party of Lincoln and Reagan led America to historic victories such as the Civil War, emancipation and the abolition of slavery (13th Amendment), civil rights acts, citizenship rights (14th Amendment), women’s rights (19th Amendment), and the end of the Cold War among others. 

To their detriment, Republicans have done a poor job of creating a better-informed electorate, engaging communities with the same drive as Democrats, managing their messaging, and mitigating the public relations effects of past presidents. Republicans have been a no-show in combating the decades-long culture war waged by socialists in America. Without the means to counter the narrative in the public square, Americans have formed opinions through the influence of the most powerful industries in society, whose voices are a sounding board for the Democratic Party: Hollywood, music, sports, retail, and the mass media (television, radio, newspapers, the internet).

To be of a dissenting opinion in today’s culture is not only impermissible but dangerous, as socialists set out to destroy those who oppose them. Perhaps that is why our Republican representatives have chosen the more comfortable road traveled – complacency – the consequences of which, speak for themselves. 

Perception matters, as demonstrated by the voting habits of minority communities – who have remained loyal to the Democratic Party for decades. So, what is the reason for the growing departure by so many Hispanics to the Republican Party? 

The exodus is due to a clearer understanding of our conservative values and their proper alignment with the philosophies espoused by each party. Today, our values are only as relevant as the next election cycle and the party who will represent them. To attain power, a political party must retain their electorate, grow the electorate, or reinvent itself to remain relevant. 

The radical transformation of American society at the hands of the Democratic Party is beyond belief and has people running for the hills! Democrats have made sport of compartmentalizing Americans into microcosms of society (cultural Marxism), designed to divide citizens into two camps – team #Democrat (an all-encompassing camp of “compassion” and “kindness” where the oppressed seek refuge) or team #Republican (a hateful, white supremacist camp for oppressors). 

Democrats and their allies have browbeaten Americans into holding the most irrational, dishonest, and immoral presumptions we have ever heard: 1) there are countless genders, 2) men menstruate and men can give birth, 3) it is a human right to abort (dismember and discard) an unborn child if it is an inconvenience to its mother, 4) parents should be jailed for refusing to affirm the whims of their child if he/she perceives to be of the opposite sex, or of another species (an animal, for example), 5) adults in government schools have the right to explore sexuality and pornography with underage children (through books, conversations, assignments, clubs, etc.) and without parental knowledge, 6) the environment around us, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, is unjust because it is rooted in white supremacy and elitism, 7) academic subjects are a discriminatory and oppressive byproduct of white supremacy because minorities lack the capacity and resources for intellectual competitiveness,    8) America was founded on racism and exploitation, and as such, its institutions and form of government must be replaced, 9) skin color and identity politics supersede hard work and merit, and 10) Americans cannot achieve the American Dream through their own efforts or prosper on their own – in a country that guarantees liberty and the pursuit of happiness! We must relinquish some of our freedoms to the state, who can properly measure and distribute fairness and equity for the greater good. 

It is evil to make victims of men, yet evil has existed throughout history and will do so until God wills otherwise. In the last century, evil took the form of Marxism, the doctrine of socio-economic warfare between the classes that claimed the lives of over 200M people. That doctrine continues to divide, but today it does so by culture and identity (our individuality). Cultural Marxism seeks the same end – the transformation of the society and the human consciousness of it. And under the government’s thumb.

I am encouraged by the spiritual and ideological awakening in our country. Hispanics are leaving the Democratic Party in large numbers because they are recognizing the truths before them and choosing to remain loyal to their conservative values. The pathway to saving America lies in her people and in their values. Hispanic values are American values and we champion life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through a free market system, prosperity for all through equal opportunities and merit, and a limited government that will not overpower the citizens because it is comprised of citizen-representatives. As long as America remains a constitutional Republic, loyal to its principles, all of her people will be free. Ronald Reagan once said, “Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.” Let’s be unafraid!

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