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10 Productive Things to do While Watching TV

10 Productive Things to do While Watching TV

We all love to watch TV. In fact, Americans watch 5 hours of TV a day on average. Although you may not watch TV that much, you likely spend at least a few hours a day in front of the tube, as I do. What I have found because of this, though, is that I’m really not being as productive as I’d like. It seems that my days just slip away and before I know it, it’s already time for bed. I want to be more active, but not have to sacrifice watching my favorite shows. Instead, I’ve found some productive things to do while watching TV. Here they are: 

In short:

  1. Work out
  2. Do laundry
  3. Fix up your budget
  4. Organize your files
  5. Do your nails
  6. Do freelance work
  7. Check work emails
  8. Hang out with your pets
  9. Pick up a new hobby
  10. Create a dream home list

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Work Out

When you work out at home it can be a great feeling. Not only do you get to build up a sweat in the privacy of your home, but it’s also a productive thing to do while watching TV. While watching the latest Amazon Prime original or Netflix special I can be toning my muscles and getting in some great shape. The best part is that I don’t have to have weights to work out, and neither do you. Anyone can start working out and doing productive things while watching TV. Try doing as many push-ups as you can in between commercial breaks. I’ve also had people tell me that they do as many sit-ups as they can after every 30 minutes or after the end of each episode. The important thing is that you get yourself moving. Staying sedentary for too long can have negative effects on your health. Working out “in between” shows is a fun way to squeeze it in your day. It’s also one of the most productive things to do while watching TV.

Do laundry

Laundry, for some reason, is the bane of my existence. I hate having to keep track of moving clothes from the washer to the dryer and then having to stop and fold all those clothes again. However, I found that doing my clothes all in one day and watching TV while I do it makes for a great experience. Every Sunday I set my clothes aside into piles and wash them. I also get to enjoy my favorite TV shows throughout the day. I’ve turned a boring activity into one of the most productive things I can do while watching TV. 

Fix a budget

Once a week, I and my wife map out our budget and get a pulse on how we’re doing. Before, we used to hate doing this as we both hate math. Lately, we’ll watch 30 minutes of our favorite show, do 15 minutes of budgeting, and then resume our show. most of the time we’re done within two episodes. For those 15 minutes, we are solely focused on doing the budgeting and nothing else. It’s easy for us to prioritize this way. It feels like a reward for doing all that budgeting. Who says productive things to do while watching TV can’t involve math?

Organize your files

Simply put, using a file organizer and watching TV makes life so much easier. Easily one of the most productive things to do while watching TV, filing old paperwork can be crucial for staying on track. Whether you are self-employed or need documents for other tax purposes, organizing your files can help you keep track of all the important documents you may ever need.

Do your nails

My wife is notorious for doing this. At least once a week she will work on her nails while watching one of her favorite shows. For her, it’s a time to de-stress and relax. Try it next time you want to have some fun without leaving home. 

Do freelance work

Want to do productive things while watching TV, but also make money? Try freelance work! Turn your TV time into dollar bills. You can freelance for graphic design, writing, editing, audio, and much more! It will take you some time to start freelance work, but it can fly by if you are watching TV while working.

Check your work email

One of the most productive things to do while watching TV is to check those pesky work emails. Go through your emails during a commercial break or after each episode you watch. It’s a great way to do a menial task without stress.

Hang out with your pets

Looking to spend more time with your furry friends? Buy some dog chew toys and turn your living room into a playground. It can be a great way to still make sure your dog is releasing energy, but you can watch your favorite show. It can also be a great way to make memories. Heck, your dog may even get tired from all the playing. We doubt it, though.

Pick up a new hobby

Why not try to pick up a new skill? It may seem silly but trying out hobbies like sewing and arts and crafts can be made better by watching TV. Instead of just sitting around, you can be working on a new project or new painting. When you feel confident enough with your abilities you can even join a group of enthusiasts for your new hobby. 

Create a dream homes list

Probably my favorite productive thing to do while watching TV, creating a “dreams list” for our future home. Here’s how it works. We turn on HGTV and throughout the course of the show we write down things we liked about the homes that were shown and things we did not like. After each episode, my wife and I compare our notes and figure out some of our “must needs” for our future home. It’s a fun game that gets us prepared for the future. 

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